Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An art opening at A.P.E. and a brush fire behind Friendlys are among notable events in Northampton on Sunday, October 19th, 2008

I don't know what the opening was all about or what started the fire and I didn't ask. Sometimes, I'm just not that curious.
(above) This is a Haymarket Coffee product placement shot.

This sculpture is about how cardboard rings can be bound together with plastic ties. (Damn these captions. They're closer to the picture below than the one above which they correspond to. I refuse to alter my caption-below-photo standard.)

This is an installation inspired by an unfortunate event involving a hot air balloon, single malt scotch, and geese.

I will take a picture of anything if there is a pretty Asian girl standing next to it.

The wine and cheese table is the hub of activity at any opening.

The policeman has just herded the three of us rubberneckers to the edge of the lot so the firetruck can make a clean approach to the fire scene.

The police officer attempts to control his emotions as the fire rages in the trees. We backed up a little farther when he looked our way, tapped his tazer and went "tzzzt! tzzzt!"

This officer is wearing the fully equipped crime fighting belt, including pen knife, corkscrew, and tiny scissors for troublemakers. (Click photo for full horror of the inferno.)

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