Monday, December 10, 2012


In Northampton, and probably elsewhere, people will go out in public wearing clothes that were really meant to stay in the environs of the home and one's own family. Perhaps because downtown really can be a very comforting place and people often do feel like they're at home. Main Street is really just the hallway outside their bedroom on the way to the kitchen to get coffee...or a bag of wine.

Sadly, Ultra Gal is folding up their sparkly gown and calling it a day. Who will be FOE's new downstairs neighbor? Maybe they'll move downstairs themselves? The rent must be much more reasonable where they are but that one flight of stairs will deter a huge percentage of the retail "Walking Dead" just as being on a side street does. I wonder which factor is the bigger deterrent to casual customers, the 2nd floor or the side street?

The Chris Gentes view of Henry's Book Store.

The actual Henry's Book Store, opposite view.

Keith, Mick, Pete, Neil, Leonard. 

Judy, Carole, Shawn, (Robert &) Patti, Patti. 

Musicians write autobiographies but do authors and poets make albums?
Whose album would you like to hear?
Sylvia Plath? John Updike?

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