Saturday, January 21, 2012

Strolling. Pointing. Shooting.

Miracle at The Haymarket
Get The Led Out: The American Led Zeppelin plays the Calvin Theatre tonight (Saturday 1/21). Soundcheck was pretty great I have to say. I saw them do "Battle of Evermore" and the woman doing Sandy Denny's part was nailing it.
Yappy Road
Raven Books Rogue's Gallery

A primitive poet's perch. Sticks and Bricks store window on Market Street. Just up the street at The Roost, dozens loom over their laptops. Were the cafes of the past filled with people on their portable typewriters? Why not? 
Still Life with Infinite Candle and Arabian Slippers at Zephyr Rugs on Main Street
Is this thing on?
Gordon Thorne painting at A.P.E.

R. Michelson Gallery

Haymarket downstairs

Haymarket upstairs

Market Street

Artist: Chris Gentes

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