Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vetiver, Happy Birthday, Asa Irons at Grey Matter Books in Hadley on Sunday at 8PM

Grey Matter Books at 47 East Street in Hadley presents a stellar musical bill on Sunday night (1/24) with a couple Sub Pop bands; SF's remarkable and engaging Vetiver, along with Brattleboro's Happy Birthday plus Asa Irons of J Mascis's Witch and Feathers, with rumors of a special guest, and I have no idea who it might be. Last time Vetiver played the Iron Horse Devendra Banhart joined them. This is one of those "I wish I'd been there" gigs so carpe diem music freaks and geeks. $10 413-387-0260. Here's the video for Vetiver's new song "Everyday," which I played this past Wednesday on the Jukebox on 93.9 The River.

Here's the link to the video for those reading this on Facebook.
Here are some pix I shot last Saturday on my first field trip to Grey Matter Books which yielded some amazing anatomy texts from the 19th century.
I covet this projector and have a big white wall in my apartmemty hungry for cinema. Posters on Grey Matter's walls.

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Anonymous said...

The parking lot was like an ice rink that night, but more slippery (i.e. dangerous). Otherwise it was a great show and a fun time. And ditto on the projector. Gotta love it coupled with that tangerine couch.