Sunday, December 27, 2009

Union Street House Fire Photos

I took a short walk over to the house on Union Street where my friend Glenn lives and talked to him and his son standing outside their heavily damaged house. His son Henry woke up at 2AM for some reason and heard glass break downstairs. He woke his dad up, saving both their lives says Glenn, and ran downstairs to find the back of the house in flames. The fire started on the porch out back and Henry said he wonders if the glass he heard was breaking due to heat or if some sort of molotov cocktail had been thrown through the porch window. Glenn said he thinks his record collection survived and was already talking about pulling some music for his show on WMUA this Friday.

Poetry amidst the ashes.
Local photographer Paul Shoul and a city worker survey the damage.
A helicopter circled the neighborhood for over an hour, seen here over Glenn's home.
Below, a city police officer posts an arson alert sign.


~PR Blake said...

CNN has picked this up as national news.

Anonymous said...

Really good job, Jim!