Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Have You Seen This Dead Prez Tangent Continued...

It is so transparent a device but it works on so many people who I have to call idiots at some point. There are absurd people and opinions on both sides that seem to frame the debate for the rest of us, sucking up all the oxygen in the room, but I assert that none of them represent the true feelings and beliefs of the majority of Americans, of people, regardless of political affiliation. Government of the people seems tragically detached from the basic truth that most people want to live and love above all else. That is not too simple a statement unless floated in the context of self-interested arguments whose airtight "realities" somehow credibly pooh-pooh such peaceful concepts. These are people and thinking that asserts that one must deprive in order to thrive. Those that train people to train people (and so on) to believe convenient distortions and framings of history, to identify an entire people as an enemy in order to make it more palatable, righteous, and justified to murder them, are the same people who stand to benefit financially from the aftermath. This notion of nation is what we are born into. How much sense does it actually make, this patriotism and national pride? This identification with a massive number of people we've never met that we are supposed to think and vote and side with? How far removed is this view and what it makes us accept as sensible from the basic conditions that human beings need to thrive, or even simply survive? Doesn't it just make it easier to tell a greater number of people who are inclined to seek security and direction how it is and how they should see it? The right will say, consider the alternative, you naive liberals. You haters of America which we, the empowered, have defined and taught you to perceive at the most superficial level possible so we can levy these charges without sounding ridiculous. I have considered the alternative, and I don't even know what the hell it is. Shake up the etch-a-sketch? At the core, I hate and resent liars and thieves that abuse authority on the level that our government, for the most part, has always done. Now and in the past. This is nothing new with Bush and Cheney, but they didn't invent it and other governments may be far worse. But from them, it's more apalling because of what we purport to be and what our constitution sets forth. It's no shockl. It's a logical progression of the way things have been going. As seemingly sane people get closer and closer to the power, the less sense they start to make to my understanding of the world. I'm taught to think I wouldn't undersand the complexities, but lately I don't assume they know it any better than I do; just how better to manipulate it to their advantage. And the people that start out angry and greedy? This is what a monster is. Is the truth and common welfare so complex and fragile and protected by so small a number of qualified, monied, and armed entities at that level of leadership that we citizens just can't "handle the truth?" Who's truth? I am not grateful to my country for anything much these days. Maybe the internet. I hate seeing my taxes flow out of my check every week when I would spend it on important things for survival rather than funding a bloody scam and the rape of a many populations who may look and think differently from one another in many ways, but are all vulnerable to the exploitation of those they have, in most cases, elected to represent them. Mob rules. It's not even just the leaders any more. It is the culture and the norm of much of our current society. I am sick about what I see and hear.

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