Sunday, November 2, 2008

Things to do tonight (Sunday) and Tuesday and Saturday and balls and art.

Alix is a trip. A dictionary with an uzi. The spoken word and poetry revival is well underway. FLASH: Pamela Means will perform with Alix tonight!

This looks promising and hygenic.
FREE Primate Fiasco, Low Anthem show Saturday at the Horse. Priceless.In case you weren't clear on the price.

My dear friend Ariel and her friend Mollie are having an art opening at the Northampton Center for the Arts next Sunday November 9th.

(Left) Mummy by Molly Zanoni mixed media (2008) (Right) Rabbit's Foot by Ariel Kotker mixed media (2007)Handmade keys, still to be painted, are just one example of the dozens of handmade forensic artifacts in Ariel Kotker's epic installation, in progress for two years thus far, His Room As He Left It.
Mollie Zanoni is a sculptor with one eye on the industrial realm, one on the natural, and one on the subconscious. Yes, that's three eyes. Perhaps each of Ariel's three keys can be used to unlock them. But opening eyes with keys might cause retinal damage. So never mind.

And apropo of nothing and yet somehow everything: Balls.
Hey I do art too. Here are some recent collages.

Jeff Hall of DesignScience took this shot. A reasonable likeness of me. Hold on to your girlfriends, guys!

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